UKI viral [graphics by Bex Noname]


Shu Lea Cheang

‘Do you love me? I love you.’
‘Do you trust me? I don't trust you.’

In a post net-crash scenario, the E-trashscape is inhabited by the die-hard open source coders along with circuit benders patching a self-sustainable network; meanwhile GENOM CORP. has relocated their operations in protein coated BIONET where cellular computers engage in developing organic-orgasmo (ORGANISMO) biochips.

I.K.U. ends with IKU coder’s orgasm data downloaded from her harddrive body. All defunct IKU coders, dumped at e-trashscape, scramble to reformat harddrive data pronounce their code name from IKU to UKI. UKI, a fragmented, redundant replicant, struggles to run her body codes. UKI, a code junkie trips in data junk market, bartering codes with sex. Love is desired, sex is incidental. As happens, one bad fuck, one bad code, UKI, the virus, spammed by accidental polymorphic codes on a full moon night of code orgy, emerges as multiplied variants, as running codes mutating admidst E-trash.