E-trashscape, this is normal studio, Hangar, Barcelona [photo by Joan Tomas]



UKI [PART 1] viral performance was developed at Hangar media lab in Barcelona in Spring 2009. During the two month residency, I collaborated with PD patchers, noise sound artists, circuit builders and a troupe of Barcelona based performers of queer, post-porn genre. Four tons of E-trash collected in one day by Electrorecycling Barcelona was dumped at the 2000 sq meter studio where shooting and live performance took place. Bio-science research on DNA & virus imaging was supported by PRBB (Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona). UKI as a live code live spam performance was first realized at Hangar Open Studio day on May 24, 2009. Additionally 14 hour performance video were shot In Hdcam and edited into 70 minute raw video for viral processing.

E-trashscape production: Nuria Marques, Diego de Leon, Alejandro Bizzotto, Radíe Manssour, Lucia legaña rojas, hernâni dias, Lituz, Miguel, Alex Posada

E-trashscape patchers: lluis gomez i bigorda, Oscar Font, Sergi Lario, Oskoff Lovich, Xàvi Manzanares